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Posted in Study Diary by reemasenguptacmp on November 11, 2009

Since the assignment was announced in class, I was certain I wanted to blog on one of the film excerpts, since films are the media pathway I want to engage in. The choice between Hitchcock and Tarkovsky was a difficult one. Although I had heard about Hitchcock and seen some of his films, all I knew about him was that he was a prominent Hollywood director. Besides, I personally found Vertigo more engaging compared to Solaris. Hence I decided to blog on Hitchcock.

It was difficult trying to identify one primary subject to work with within the film excerpt as there were so many. I started by deconstructing the scene in terms of activity or events and put down the questions that came to my mind. I started with my mind clear of any pre-conceived notions, so I wouldn’t be biased during the research. I picked up one thing at a time and started the research. My first entry after the initial deconstruction concentrated on the background music as I found it to have a strong presence in the scene.


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