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Posted in Study Diary by reemasenguptacmp on November 11, 2009

Vertigo is a suspense thriller and the given scene is pivotal in it’s plot. Hitchcock is called the Master of Suspense, and analysing his suspense techniques was as obvious next step. Having particular interest in the field of film direction, I intended to look at Hitchcock’s direction methods. I also wanted to look at how he worked on the sets. the book Hitchcock on Hitchcock was very insightful, although I managed to get it very late as it was on loan.

It was important to understand the background in which he was working, which brought me to the studio system and to Selznick. I had chanced upon the documentary- ‘Hitchcock, Selznick and the end of Hollywood’ when I was talking to one of the librarians. The documentary was very extensive and helpful. While the information provided in the documentary was fundamental to my understanding of the personalities of the two men, development of their relationship and the way Hollywood worked, all of it could not be translated into the blog as it would seem irrelevant. It felt weird to know so much about a topic and not be able to convey everything through the post. But then we had been instructed to stick to the topic given.


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