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Posted in Study Diary by reemasenguptacmp on November 11, 2009

One of the first books I read for the blog was Andrew Sarris’s- The American Cinema. As I started reading more material I started coming across quotes from authors I had actually read and was familiar with. Towards the end of the research process I was familiar with most of the prominent authors and critics being quoted and knew what their approach to Hitchcock was. From Sarris, Douchet, Wexman, Schatz to Hitchcock himself, I had read them all, directly, and not through quotations in other people’s writings. It gave me a deeper understanding of the n going debates surrounding Hitchcock, the Genre Theory and the Auteur Theory.

I do regret not being able to read Truffaut first-hand as his book just did not become available in the library, despite my having requested for it. I did read some of his work on-line but it inst the same as having the book in your hand and going through it extensively.

I also realised that I tend to trust books more than online articles. I have spent nights reading Critical Texts in the Learning Resource Centre since they cannot be taken out of the library. However, I exhausted the relevant books available in the library before my research process ended. A lot of times, the same books were relevant to a number of my blog entries. Towards the end of the research process however, I ended up reading books online on google books.


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